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Soap Making Supplies and Lotion Making Supplies

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Moroccan Red Clay
Sicilian Blood Orange Fragrance
Night Blooming Jasmine Fragrance
Lemon Drop Fragrance
Pink Himalayan Salt
Dead Sea Salt

Oil-Free Body Milk Formula


Pure, high quality soap making and lotion making supplies

It seems that everyone is concerned about what they put in their bodies these days. Low fat, low cal, low carb. But what about what you use ON your body? We feel that is equally important!

To that end, we appropriately pose the question, "What's in YOUR Soapdish?"

Your creations deserve the finest quality ingredients. Whether you are selecting one of our rich, luxurious milk powders, or one of our many specialty ingredients, you will recognize the difference in our products. And, more importantly, so will your customers. The Original Soap Dish® prides itself in our stringent quality and purity standards. And we pledge to our customers - if we wouldn't want it in our soap dish, we certainly won't make it available to yours.

You see, when you select fine soap making supplies and lotion making supplies from The Original Soap Dish®, you can be assured that you are receiving only the finest ingredients. We worry about what's going in your soapdish -- so you don't have to.

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